Joseph Cornell's 1939 shadow box, Varietes de Mineralogie Object - examining the power of objects in relation to the body. Cornell Interpretations 1.jpg

A reading of the structure of Cornell's shadow box from several vantage points. Step one: general possibilites Cornell Interpretations 2.jpg

crystal necklace breakbeat - the first iteration of The Mineralogy of Objects - Little Theater at Dixon Place, December 8th, 2014. Cornell Interpretations 3.jpg

crystal necklace breakbeat in motion... the shapeless object, chaos moves into structure, energy, labor, play, bass Cornell Interpretations 4.jpg

unison machine - finding difference in sameness and sameness in difference

authorship in question/is a question - paper collage by Hilary Berg

an object from the piece - bitch 3 - digital collage by Laurie Berg

star scene - image from an ever expanding universe